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, and certainly no impact from the investor. the debt ceiling debate coming up. what is your take on some of the other catalysts that could be a negative for the market? >> well, they can. that can be short-term negatives. washington unfortunately can be a huge distraction to investors. i think the important thing gets back to really what alison was talking about before. how do the events in washington affect earnings. and if earnings growth recovers and we start to see a return to earnings growth, and washington oesn't disrupt that, i think that's what people should focus on, is washington going to affect the profits rebound, if they don't, i think the markets will be okay. >> what do you want to be doing with your money right now, alison? >> i think sitting tight. and if there is a pullback in the market, putting more money in equities. >> what sectors do you like best? >> i would say the overdone trade to me has been the income-oriented, the multinational dividend yields. i would look to domestically oriented more driven by domesomc growth and probably smaller and mid cap. >> that's wh
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1